Which Female Adventurer Are You?

Have you always dreamed of being an adventurer? Did you want to be the female Indiana Jones? What about a real life female adventurer? Does the Jane Goodall story excite you? Maybe you’d prefer to be a writer like Zadie Smith, or someone who helps the world like Dr Margaret Chan. Take this quiz to see which of the great female adventures you might be! Someday someone might be writing a quiz about you!

Who Is Your Godly Parent?

It’s easy to guess that you are someone special. You have the charm, the good looks, and the intelligence of a god. The ancient Greeks had gods who governed every aspect of their daily lives. No matter the issue they could look to a god or goddess to give them the answer to life’s most important questions. In many ways their wars were fought the same way as today, god against god. These gods were not infallible, therefore the people they created and presided over Continue reading →

Which U.S. City Should You Live In?

There is one city that has your heart. You will always call it home even if you have never lived there. Which one is it? Sometimes it’s a dream of a place you have never been. You have read everything you can find and it sounds perfect for you. Or maybe you moved away and are ready to move back. It is possible that you actually already live in the city that is meant for you! Take the quiz to find out which US city you Continue reading →

Which Female Disney Villain Are You?

Disney seems to think women are quite the villains. They have made so many stepmothers and queens that are evil, it’s hard to keep track of them all. The truth of the matter is that these women villains are the best! They are meanest witches and … well, you get the picture. If you were cast in a Disney film as a female villain, which would you be? Would Cruella de Vil be your name or maybe Maleficent is more your style. The Queens of Hearts Continue reading →

What Type of Barbecue are You?

Barbecue comes in many flavors. Sort of how humans come in many sizes and shapes. It is said that we are what we eat. If you are like me, you eat a lot of barbecue! It can easily be said that I am a bbq rib sandwich. Take our fun quiz to determine what type of barbecue you are.

What Type of Woman Are You Really?

Each woman has an image as she sees herself inside her head. That woman can be strong, independant, and sexy. At times, that woman can also be shy, and subdued. Many have mothering instincts while others, for the major part, are businesslike and go-getters. Ladies, what is your superpower? Take this quiz and find out what type of woman you really are! T-shirts For Strong Women!!         

What Should You Get For Lunch Today?

It’s lunchtime and you are hungry but as sometimes happens, you have no idea what you really want to eat. Take this tasty quiz and find out if you really want a scrumptious burger, mac and cheese, or maybe even a bologna sandwich! Of course, you can always substitute for something else you see that catches your eye… like cookies!

What Season Suits You Best?

Almost anyone can associate themselves with a particular season of the year. Me? I’m a summer person because I have a warm heart! What season of the year are you most comfortable in? Do you feel like a spring person? Or, perhaps you are more of a fall type person. We have this fun quiz that will help you determine what season suits you best. We hope you enjoyed this fun quiz. We have lots more quizzes you can take. As well as polls, games, Continue reading →

What Animal Will You Be Reincarnated As?

You have heard the legends of humans being reincarnated as animals. Some feel that is a step down from humans but maybe it is actually a step closer to perfection. Animals possess many traits we humans wish we had. They also have built in tools that we must manufacture. Some animals can fly while others can swim. Many run fast and several have the capability to build homes that are sturdy without the use of machines. Which animal would you be reincarnated as? Are you Continue reading →

What Should Your Redneck Name Be?

Face it, for most of us there is a little bit of redneck in there somewhere just waiting to bust out and whoop some butt under the right circumstances. Releasing your inner redneck is sometimes the best thing you can do for your sanity. Living by the standards of polite society and being politically correct can wear on a persons nerves after a while. Some times all you wanna do is jump in the pickup and go down to the boggin’ hole or the local Continue reading →