Rating Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

Some of us just have to admit we are Super Bowl commercial junkies. We love those adorable sweet faced puppies and the beautiful and regal Clydesdale horses. We wait all year to see the next round of oohs and awes from our favorites. For some it’s the force of Darth Vader in the hands of an adorable child. For others it’s the promise of a blooming attraction between neighbors. It might even be the hilarious goat that can’t get enough chips. Take a look below and vote Continue reading →

What Musical Instrument Are You?

Life can sometimes feel like a musical. Take this fun quiz to find out what musical instrument you are in your musical of life! Then tell your friends what musical instrument you are! We have a lot of fun quizzes to take here! Do you love to answer fun quizzes? This is the site for you! Bookmark it today!

Which of the Founding Fathers Would You Be?

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were the type of men that didn’t take no for an answer. They stood their ground and stood up for what was right for the people. Their sole purpose was not lining their own pockets but to make this country great and to keep her free. These men made laws to protect the citizens from a government that they could foresee gaining too much power. Which of these great men are you more like? Take the Continue reading →

Which Hindu God Are You?

Which Hindu God Are You? Hinduism is considered one of the oldest religions in the world, and many practitioners refer to Hinduism as “the eternal law”. Answer the following question to find out which Hindu God you can relate to the most. Stick around and answer more quizzes! Don’t forget to check out the fun images too!

What Is Your Style Of Love?

How do you interact in love? There are many ways we respond to potential partners. Most of us understand that we may attract a complete opposite into our lives but with the right understanding from both sides it can be a beautiful experience that lasts a lifetime. For many others you may find that the right person for you is very much like yourself. You may both enjoy the same sports, TV shows, or music. You may even be in the same business. Take the quiz Continue reading →

How Well Do You Know DC Comics?

How Well Do You Know DC Comics? Are all your favorites under DC Comics contract? Is there only one brand of comic books in the world for you? How well do you really know Batman, Superman, or even Green Lantern. Take this just for fun quiz and see if you know DC Comics as well as you might think!

Who Is Your Godly Parent?

It’s easy to guess that you are someone special. You have the charm, the good looks, and the intelligence of a god. The ancient Greeks had gods who governed every aspect of their daily lives. No matter the issue they could look to a god or goddess to give them the answer to life’s most important questions. In many ways their wars were fought the same way as today, god against god. These gods were not infallible, therefore the people they created and presided over Continue reading →

What Christian Denomination Should You Actually Be a Part Of?

Do you ever wonder if you are part of the right Christian denomination? Maybe you were raised one way but as you have grown you perspective on certain rituals or beliefs has changed. Like many people you may have found something in the Holy Bible that resonates deep with you but is never covered by your church leader. Just because you don’t believe exactly the same way as everyone else, doesn’t mean you are wrong. You are taught to think for yourself and work with Continue reading →

23 Reasons Why “If It Fits, I Sits” Photos Are the Best Thing on the Internet

Do you have a pet or even a stray animal that can find the most amazing places to get into? “If It Fits, I Sits” seems to be the general thought for many of these adorable creatures. Humans have managed to get some great photos of these precious pups, kitties, and other animals that just needed a place to sit comfortably. Take a look through these sweet “If It Fits, I Sits” images. These pictures will make you smile and laugh. There is just something about animals Continue reading →

Do You Remember The Movie “The Princess Bride?”

The movie, The Princess Bride, became a huge hit among the young and their parents alike. If you have only seen it once you may still know all the answers to this fun Princess Bride quiz! The characters were memorable and each had distinctive personalities. Can you take this quiz and pass it? Find out if you are an expert on The Princess Bride movie!    

20 Cute Dogs Cuddling With Stuffed Dolls

20 Cute Dogs Cuddling With Stuffed Dolls Cute, adorable, entertaining are just a few words that comes to mind when viewing these 20 cute dogs cuddling with their stuffed dolls. You will say things like “awe how cute” and “that’s adorable” when viewing the following images of dogs. Let me direct your attention to the following adorable dogs who love their stuffed dolls more than life itself.