Which Celebrity is this Creepy Wax Figure Supposed To Be?

Which Celebrity is this Creepy Wax Figure Supposed To Be? Some people get freaked out by clown but, these wax figures of famous movie celebrities might freak you out even more. See if you can guess which celebrities these creepy wax figures are suppose to be! Stick around and play more fun games, answer our quizzes, vote in our entertaining polls and solve a jigsaw puzzle or two!

Which Famous Spirit Are You Possessed By?

Do you believe in spirits or ghosts? You’ve always wanted to play pranks on people you thought deserved it. Maybe it was a previous lover you caught cheating on you, or a someone you thought was a friend that lied to you. What kind of ghost would you be? Would you be mischievous or downright scary? Could it be that you just want to let your family know you are still around watching over them? Take the quiz to find out which ghost you might be if Continue reading →

Are You Actually A Genius?

Your mom always told you that you were a genius. Of course, you were the next Da Vinci in her eyes, too. Your teachers never understood you and your friends laughed when you told them you were a genius. That happens to geniuses, right? Now it’s time to prove your mom right. Take the quiz and find out how much genius you hold in that little finger. People will be so jealous and you can say “I told you so!”  

Can I Guess What You Want for Christmas?

When you receive gifts what do you dream of receiving? Are you the kind that likes cameras or other high priced items? Maybe you prefer jewelry or candy or even clothes. For many of us there is the need to receive something special meant just for us, with special thought from the gift giver. Take the quiz below and find out if I can guess what type of gift is best for you! The Best Christmas Wrapping Paper Deals  Bright RED & WHITE SNOWFLAKE FLURRY Christmas Continue reading →

What Is Your Christmas Decorating Style?

Decorating for Christmas is a very personalthing for many people. There are many ways that people decorate. Do you decorate for Christmas in the classic style with ribbons and bows? Is your style more trendy and possibly whimsicle? Take the fun quiz and find out which decorating style suits you best. Christmas Decorations For Your Home  Santa Toilet Seat Cover And Rug Set Outdoor Lighted Christmas Angels Santa Claus Hat Chair Covers

Did This Celeb Change Their Name?

When we see celebrity names we often wonder who would stick their child with a name like that. As we also know, many celebrities choose acting names that are more easily remembered. Is Oprah Winfrey a name changer? How about January Jones? Take a fun quiz and find out just how many of these celebrities you can guess whether they changed their names.  

What Type of Vehicle Should You Be Driving?

We love our cars! They not only get us where we want to be but they make us look good! What color car do you love? Do you prefer to have a huge bunch of friends with you in the vehicle?

What Profanity Best Describes You?

As the title suggests, this personality quiz is not for the easily offended. If you are willing to soldier on and find out which profane word describes you, by all means take the quiz. But no whining that you don’t like “that word” afterwards as you have been warned beforehand. Some of you may get the exact profanity you expected while others might be a little surprised. It’s just a fun quiz! If this one is not to your liking, find any of our hundreds of Continue reading →

Who Is Your Daddy?

Your dad is special. He has the oddest ways about him but you love him for that. All dads are different. Some are the rebel who are always standing up to “the man”. Others are hippies left over from the ’70s and the age of love. Then there is your dad. Your wonderful dad is the guy who taught you, encouraged you, and showed you through hard work and perseverance that anything you can dream can be achieved. Take this quiz about dads and see Continue reading →

Which Song Most Perfectly Describes Your First Kiss?

First romantic kisses can be awkward or soul searing. What song would be the one that should be playing in the background of that snippet in time? Was the soundtrack of your first kiss more like Sonny and Cher's I Got You, Babe or Rihanna's Disturbia? Maybe it's something in between. Take the quiz to find out!