Can You Pass The FBI Special Agent Test?

You’ve always known you could solve those crimes with just a little brain power and maybe a little help from the lab. You solve those cases on TV before the agents even get the first clue, don’t you? I’ll bet you even watch Wheel of Fortune and and solve most answers with one or two letters showing. You are definitely FBI Special Agent material, right? Okay, my dear crime solvers and thug busters, here is a quiz to help you decide if you should go for Continue reading →

How Well Do You Know Star Wars Legends?

Do you consider yourself to be a huge Star Wars fan? Have you seen all the movies and watched loyally through all the TV shows and specials? How well do you think you know the Star Wars legends? Do you know the masters as well as the pupils? Take the quiz and find out how you score against your Star Wars fan friends! Are you really that good?

Can You Pass The Simpsons Hardest Trivia Game EVER?

Admit it, you love The Simpsons TV show. We’ve watched as the kids stayed the same age for years. Maggie said her first and only word. Bart has written on the blackboard more than 10 teachers in their entire careers. The Simpsons introduced us to phrases such as “D’oh” and “eat my shorts!” Lisa Simpson made the saxophone cool. The array of stars that paraded through the Simpsons TV show over the years has been some of the biggest talent out there. Sadly, some have Continue reading →

How Well Do You Know The Sitcom Roseanne?

We watched Roseanne and her family as they matured through the years. The children grew up before our eyes. One even changed quite a lot one season. And Roseanne’s looks changed a lot through the years too. The TV show, Roseanne, introduced us to future stars and made us love the characters, no matter how irritable, annoying, cranky, or sticky sweet they were. We laughed and cried through the tough times of a family trying to make ends meet like the average American family. They Continue reading →

17 Hilariously Accurate Fortune Cookies That Will Make You Think Twice About Life

Some days you just need a little laugh to make things seem alright. Fortune cookies are fun way to get a giggle and maybe even an outright laugh. Do you ever wonder who sits and writes these these fortune cookies that seem to always fit the circumstances of the day? Take a look through these 17 very funny fortune cookies and see if you don’t find one that is just right for you today. By the way, do you ever actually play the lotto numbers Continue reading →

What is your Amazon warrior name?

This Amazon warrior name quiz is geared toward women. If you have ever wondered what your Amazon warrior name would be, take this fun quiz and find out! Here you may learn new things about the past or mythology of the Amazon warriors. If you were an Amazon warrior what would your weapon of choice be? How many children would you want? Answer these and other questions to find out which Amazon warrior you would be.  

How Quick is Your Mind?

So you think you’re a pretty quick thinker, don’t you? Let’s see how fast you are on the draw, or with the mouse clicks as the case may be. Do quick thinkers usually come up with the right answer to a question? Or do they grasp what is at the forefront of the mind without confirming its correctness? These 17 questions should be answered as quickly as possible without giving a lot of thought to them. How many can you get right? Does speed affect the number Continue reading →

What Kind of Marriage Proposal Suits You Best?

Whether you are the one proposing or the one receiving the marriage proposal, you have a an idea of what you think you’d like. Some are determined to have the down on one knee, ring in the box, completely traditional  marriage proposal. If that is what works for you, do it! Over the years the marriage proposal has been done in some very creative, romantic, and beautiful ways. There are instances of skywriting, lovely beach proposals, or even sitting under the stars. With the coming of Continue reading →

Are You an Ultimate True Blood Fan?

Please be aware before you take the quiz that there are Season 7 spoilers if you have not seen it, yet.  Now that we have that bit of business out of the way I will ask, are you a true True Blood fan? How you been there from the beginning with Sookie Stackhouse and her friends as good, bad, and ugly events unfolded? This 20 question quiz will reveal how well you have paid attention through the 7 seasons of True Blood.  

How Well Do You Really Know The Kennedys?

Much has been written about the Kennedy clan over the decades. You would think we knew everything there is to know about them. But do we? Some consider themselves to be Kennedy experts and will do very well on this quiz. But those who were not around during the days of Camelot may not have all the details and can learn a couple of things from this quiz. Whether you love them or not, they are interesting. There is something interesting about each member of the Kennedy Continue reading →